Respiratory Protection

Safety respirators are used in many industrials, from asbestos remediation to mold abatement to working with solvent based epoxies and urethanes. Many industrial chemicals create VOCs (volitile organic compounds) and a respirator will protect against those. Additionally, dangeorus particulate like lead paint, spores, or asbestos fibers can be airborne in hazardous areas and a high quality respirator equiped with a HEPA filter will protect against that particulate. Lastly, respirators are often used in serious containment situations like hospitals to protect against bacteria and viruses.

We offer complete protection ranging from relatively inexpensive single-use, disposable face masks to more robust reusable models. We offer half-mask and full-mask varieties complete with replacement cartridges and P100 filters. Represented brands included 3M, Honeywell North, and Moldex. Whatever your respiratory protection needs, Norkan has the respirator for you.