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Guardian Fall Protection

This is a product guide with information about Guardian Fall Protection Bucket of Safe Tie and Protecta Compliance in a Can Light fall harnesses, as well as similar products and accessories. If you already know what you are looking for and are ready to buy, head to our webstore!


There are two major names in complete fall protection kits - Guardian Fall Protection Bucket of Safe Tie, and Compliance in a Can Light. Guardian Fall Protection Bucket of Safe Tie is especially formulated for roofing applications and includes an heavy duty reusable anchor. Guardian Fall Protection also offers a simplified version, aptly named 'Lil Bucket of Safe Tie', which includes the two most basic components only - a harness and a shock absorbing lanyard.

Protecta's Compliance in a Can is the original fall protection kit. It is a deluxe set-up that includes reusable roof anchor, #1191995 FIRST™ harness, rope adjuster with lanyard, 50 ft. (15.2m) lifeline and bucket. Compliance in a Can also offers a popular Compliance in a Can Light version that includes everything but the anchoring kit. In addition to these complete roof harness kits, we also sell a variety of replacement parts and accessories. Check out our products below!

Guardian Fall Protection Bucket of Safe Tie | Fall Harness

Guardian Fall Protection | Bucket of Safe Tie

The Guardian Fall Protection Bucket of Safe Tie is a roofing kit built for the roofer, by the roofer. It is one of the few kits available on the market that includes a lifeline with an integrated shock absorber, which allows the worker to never have to worry about incorporating an additional shock absorbing lanyard into their fall protection system. Removing the shock absorbing component from the worker's back also results in less weight placed on the dorsal D-ring, resulting in an increase in comfort level and ease of movement.


• Perfect set for home fall protection gear • Universal harness HUV (01101) with 5 points of adjustment for added comfort • Vertical Lifeline Assembly with Shock Pack, and permanently attached Positioning Device with 18" lanyard extension to keep device within reach • Heavy Duty Temper Reusable Anchor (00455)

Product Data Sheet


Guardian Fall Protection Lil Bucket of Safe Tie | Fall Harness

Guardian Fall Protection | Lil Bucket of Safe Tie

Guardian Fall Protection's Lil B of Safe-Tie, is a ready to go fall protection kit. This Little bucket of safety, includes your two most basic components to a fall arrest system. An HUV Universal harness and a shock absorbing lanyard. All in a convenient bucket for you to store a carry your essentials.


• S-L Universal Harness (01101) with 5 points of adjustment for added comfort
• 6 foot Shock Absorbing Lanyard (01220)
• Red nylon sport bag (00765)
• Durable 1-gallon bucket for storage


Compliance in a Can Light | Fall Protection

Compliance in a Can Light

Compliance in a Can Light provides all of the Protecta fall protection you expect combined with exceptional value. The Copmliance in a Can Light kit contains full body harness and shock absorbing lanyard. Excellent for roofers, work on scaffolding, ladder painting, and much more. Take the stress out of heights and precarious ladders with our compliance in a can complete fall protection kit.

Each kit offers a body support and connecting component, just add your own anchorage device for convenient compliance and safety on the job. Kit includes a professional 6 foot single leg shock absorbing lanyard with an energy absorbing design that limits fall arrest forces. It has self locking snap hooks that automatically lock and close for added safety as well as high strength, corrosion resistant construction. Compliance in a Can Light is built to last.

• These harnesses incorporate materials that are durable and built to last, they offers economical compliance with quality, reliability and safety you can trust. • The durable yet lightweight bucket provides the user with a convenient place to store the equipment and transport from one location to another. • Back D-Ring that provides a safe connection point for your fall arrest system, and keeps you upright after a fall for added safety. • Lightweight and extremely strong polyester webbing provides ultimate durability and longevity. • 3 Parachute buckle leg/chest closure.
• 2 Sizing links for torso adjusters.
• Sliding dorsal D-ring.
• 2.1 lb. total weight.
• Standard Size Shock absorbing Lanyard AE57610.
• 1 3/4" wide 100% polyester webbing.
• 6’ total length.
• Harness and lanyard meets OSHA and ANSI Z359 Standards.


Compliance in a Can | Roof Harness Kit

Compliance in a Can

Compliance in a Can™ is often imitated, but never matched. Protecta® pioneered the creation of a complete fall protection system available in a convenient container. The success of the original “can” spawned the creation of several variations with different anchorage devices (such as the Light kit above), but this is the unmatched original kit. It offers a complete set-up including an anchorage device, body support and connecting component for convenient compliance and safety on the job. This “ABC’s” approach to fall protection simplifies the buying decision and makes choosing the correct system simple, fast and safe. Our easy to use kits and anchorage devices provide the perfect solution and are legendary for their performance, value, quality and safety.

• Complete fall protection system for construction or maintenance in one handy container
• 6 ft. (1.8m) pass-thru type tie-off adaptor (model 5900578)
• Lightweight FIRST™ harness with pass-thru buckle legs and 5-point adjustment (model 1191995)
• Compact rope adjuster with built-in 2 ft. (0.6m) PRO™ shock absorbing lanyard (model 1340005)
• Durable and lightweight 5/8" dia. (1.6cm) 50 ft. (15.2m) blended lifeline with snap hook (model 1204001)
• Durable bucket with handle • Includes #2104000 reusable roof anchor, #1191995 FIRST™ harness, #1340005 rope adjuster with lanyard, #1204001 50 ft. (15.2m) lifeline and bucket.


Guardian Fall Protection Harness

Guardian Fall Protection Harness

• For use in all aspects of construction, maintenance and aerial work.
• Fits workers under 310lbs. weight.
• Variety of styles to suit application.

• Universal Sizing Adjustments built in for SM-LG.
• XL size available separately.

• No loose ends! Shoulder strap design.
• Adjustable dorsal D-ring for fall arrest.
• Durable, comfortable nylon webbing.
• Notched pass-thru leg and chest buckles fasten without twisting.
• Tongue buckle leg straps also available.
• Chest straps stay in place.
• Impact Indicator shows if product has been in a fall.
• Sub-pelvic seat strap distributes weight of a fall.

Universal Harness must only be used with compatible equipment. Workers must attach to structures capable of withstanding 5,000 lbs of impact in the direction that a fall may occur. Chest buckle must be fastened. Leg straps of harness must be worn. Universal Harness should be stored where it cannot be affected by heat, light, excessive moisture, oil, chemicals, or other degrading elements.


3’ Tie-Off Websling Anchor Strap

3’ Tie-Off Websling Anchor Strap

The AJ450A Webbing cross-arm strap is ideal to wrap around I-beams, concrete beams, or other structures, creating a secure anchor point. It is easy installed by passing a 2" D-ring through a 3" D-ring and pulling taut. The AJ450A is designed with a 3" cut and scuff guard to provide longer life. It comes in two standard lengths (3’ and 6’). Custom lengths are available; contact PROTECTA for more information.

• 5,000 lb. anchorage point.
• Easy to install.
• Accommodates a wide variety of different size structures.
• 3" scuff/cut guard provides extended life.
• 6’ standard length available-Part #AJ450A6.
• Custom lengths available.
• Lightweight.
• Meets OSHA 1926 & ANSI Z359,1-1998 standards.


6' Double Leg Internal Shock LANYARD 11202

6' Double leg Internal Shock LANYARD 11202

• Constant light tension
• Impact Indicator
• Locks Automatically
• Pictures on retractable case indicate proper and improper use


Double Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard DBI1224409

Double leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard DBI1224409

• 6 ft. in length
• Limits arresing forces to 900 lbs. or less
• Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI
• Reduces trip fall hazzards, dragging and snagging for complete freedom of movement