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Carpet Adhesive Removers

Carpet Adhesive Remover

We sell a variety of carpet glue removers, and our product guide below will help you learn how to use them. Whether you need a quart with instructions for your DIY adhesive removal project or a 55 gallon drum for industrial surface prep, we have the carpet glue remover for you. We offer Blue Bear 500MR Mastic Remover, formerly called Bean e Doo. It is a soy based carpet adhesive remover that will amaze you with its lack of odor and easy clean up. It is available in multiple sizes. Sentinel 626 is an industrial formulation that will remove not only carpet adhesive but latex, acrylic, and pressure sensitive adhesives as well. It is available in 5 gallon pails. Check out our product guides below or head straight to our webstore if you're ready to buy. Free shipping over $25!


Blue Bear 500MR Carpet Adhesive Remover | Bean E Doo

Blue Bear 500MR Carpet Adhesive Remover | Bean E Doo | 1G

Blue Bear 500MR was formerly known as Bean E Doo.

Removal of carpet glue, asbestos mastic, vinyl mastic, and ceramic tile mastic:
• Step One: Apply 500MR Mastic Remover directly on the surface.
• Step Two: Spread 500MR around with a straw broom, long handled brush or squeegee using light pressure. If applying to mastic with trowel ridges, cover all trowel ridges with product.
• Step Three: Allow 500MR to sit until adhesive softens. (Generally asbestos/black mastics will soften in 1-2 hours, and vinyl or acrylic mastics will soften in 4-8 hours.)
• Step Four: After mastic has softened, remove with a long handled scraper or squeegee. Re-apply if necessary.

If you are covering a large area, use a commercial sprayer or metal watering can to apply 500MR. 1 gallon covers about 100-200 square feet. When you are finished, if you have remaining residue, you can best clean it with Blue Bear 700DG, a degreaser that will ensure a pristine floor after adhesive removal. You can also use water, a scrub brush, and/or mop or power washer. Allow surface to dry before further preparations.

1 quart
1 gallon
5 gallon
All with free shipping over $25!


Sentinel 626 Carpet Adhesive Remover 626

Sentinel 626 Carpet Adhesive Remover 626

Sentinel 626 is a powerful biodegradable formulation designed specifically for quickly removing latex, acrylic and pressure sensitive adhesives from concrete, terrazzo, ceramic and vinyl tile or wood substrates. Sentinel 626 is odorless, nonflammable, and biodegradable.


Removal of latex, acrylic and pressure sensitive adhesives:
Step One: Apply 626™ directly onto the adhesive. Use a broom, mop or squeegee to agitate and maintain even coverage while keeping the adhesive surface wet. Allow 626™ to soak and penetrate for 30-60 minutes.
Step Two: Scrape softened adhesive from the floor (razor scrapers or squeegees are generally preferred). Repeat steps one and two if necessary and dispose of the waste.
Step Three: Rinse the sub-floor thoroughly the clean water. Allow surface to dry.

Removal of sheet vinyl/linoleum backing: Once the wear layer is removed, mix 1 part HOT water to 4 parts 626™ ( 1 quart of HOT water to 1 gallon of 626™ ) and apply directly to the remaining backing. Maintain even coverage and a wet surface for 1-2 hours or until backing and adhesive can be easily removed together with floor scrapers. Rinse the surface with clean water, and allow to dry.

Removal of carpeting: Using a utility knife, cut the carpeting in 1-foot strips (making sure to cut through the carpeting to the sub-floor). Mix 1 part HOT water to 1 part 626™ ( 1 gallon HOT water to 1 gallon 626™ ) and pour directly onto carpet to be removed. Maintain even coverage and completely saturate carpeting with 626™. Allow to soak 4 hours or overnight. Pick up carpet strips and follow latex removal procedures.

Coverage for the mastic remover will range from 25-75 square feet per gallon.